The concept of DripFed



DripFed came directly from experiences our director Brad had to negotiate after he was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia‎) on the 11th of February 2019,  it was a shock, something that no one ever thinks would happen to them, after going to the doctors two weeks before and being told that he was ok, that he just had sinusitis and possible anxiety and then to be in an isolation room with leukaemia that could end his life within a matter of days! Brad was terrified having a wife and two young children, his whole life being taken from his hands the unknown the uncertainty of his future….but luckily Brad managed to get into remission after 4 gruelling rounds of chemotherapy, months in hospital, countless blood transfusions, platelets and antibiotics, all being given via a drip some lasting hours on end led to the creation of the full-sleeve zip heated chemo hoodie. Pre Order at

Patent Pending – Patent No. GB2017759.8.

The care that he was given was incredible and if it wasn’t for people donating blood, the people transporting the blood, the nurses, doctors, volunteer workers the list is endless he would not be here, he is still having 3 monthly biopsies to monitor his remission but is doing well, so where does the point of this story go…well he went back to work and realised I don’t want to do this anymore I want to do something that helps give back to cancer research and Macmillan,  so here’s his idea everyone who has or ever had a PICC line and receives constant medication via drip knows hows uncomfortable it is to have, especially if you are connected to a drip for anything up to 10 hours.

After being in that situation himself for months on end, this is when brad came up with the idea of clothing that works around the treatment, and with every garment bought 20 per cent will go cancer research.

Brad received the best care whilst in hospital as he opted for a cancer research trial treatment, during this time he received lots of support and once he recovered he wanted to give back. His experience in digital marketing is vast after working for top agencies in PPC and SEO led him to start his own agency with the prime motive to give back into support and research for cancer.


There are two sides to DripFed, one is Digital Marketing and the other being clothing. The hoodies have been designed for all patients in hospital coping with cancer or other illnesses which require being attached to drips for long periods of time.

During his uncomfortable time in hospital from the chemotherapy and losing weight he wanted to set out and create clothing that would be purposeful and comfortable to all. He experienced first hand the difficulties of regulating an ever-changing body temperature whilst going through chemotherapy and having to be on a drip for long periods of time, so the concept of dripFed clothing came about. DripFed’s aim is to give back a direct contribution from profits gained from digital marketing campaigns or as a supplier of comfortable accessible clothing, also sharing profits from each product sold.


DripFed’s digital services include; web design and development, content marketing, paid digital marketing and search engine optimisation are many of the services performed by Dripfed as an online marketing agency.

Our company is made up of contributors that have experienced some form of trauma from cancer and have a passion to give back. many of our staff have received support from many cancer charities and understand how their role is important to the welfare of cancer sufferers, not only the patients but their families also.

Key Features:


  • 100% Cotton –  Double-lined hoodie
  • Zipped pockets
  • Fully zipped front and inside sleeves
  • PICC line access
  • Easy off and on when attached to a drip
  • Heated – 3 heat settings powered by USB
  • 5 carbon fibre heat pads front and back


  • Power bank included – 8 hours of heat 
  • Mobile phone charging – USB – micro USB and USBC
  • Quick mobile charging – 100% charged with 1 hour
  • Double led torch

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